When you read scientific papers, you start with the abstract. This is the first paragraph that you encounter in an article. This paragraph gives you the run down of what the paper will be about. The format is generally the same: a brief background, a bit about the methods, key results, and conclusions. That's what I want to start with here.

I started Scientific Dispatches to write about things that interest me (and hopefully you) about science. The entire time that I've been in science, I've had people tell me how complicated it must be. Science doesn't have to be. All of science is just taking something that seems complicated and breaking it down one variable at a time. That's what I plan to do here. Take complicated, but cool, things and break it down. This way science will be accessible to everyone. Scientific literacy is becoming more and more important. This blog serves two purposes (1) to contribute to increasing scientific literacy and (2) to give me an excuse to read more science.

Photo by: Alex