Why do you need a scientific editor?

The goal of any scientist is to contribute to the body of knowledge within the discipline.  A scientific editor can help you tell your story clearly and concisely. Not only can a scientific editor smooth out transitions and remove any distracting grammatical errors, they can help you develop an effective narrative due to their background in science.

I have spent the last 15 years in science, so I understand the pressures involved in publication and grant writing. You’ve spent hours writing your manuscript or grant and even longer living with the data. At this point an unbiased person, one that is not intimately familiar with your work, can aid in producing a manuscript or grant that is easily understood by your readers. Through working with other authors, attending conferences, and constantly reading the literature, I have learned the most effective ways for you to tell your story.

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Editing Services

What often surprises clients is that there are different levels of editing. These levels range from proofreading to developmental editing. 


Editing for typos, spelling, and grammatical errors. No commentary on structure, formatting, or clarity will be provided.


Editing for proofreading, sentence structure, formatting consistencies. Any concerns on clarity will be queried, but no writing suggestions will be provided.

Substantive Editing

This includes proofreading and copyediting, but extends further to help develop your scientific argument and clarity. Suggestions for wording and formatting will be provided. In the case of grant editing, assistance and suggestions for addressing the funding opportunity and grant guidelines will be provided.

Scientific Writing

Sometimes the blank page is too much and you need help getting started. I can help with one-on-one or group coaching. These sessions are tailored to your particular needs. In these sessions, we will go over your data, organize your manuscript, discuss journal or publisher choice, and find strategies to improve your writing.

If you would like a press release, feature, or web content written, that can be accommodated as well. These services can help boost your profile in the scientific community as well as disseminate your science to the public.